How To Schedule Posts On Social Media

How To Schedule Posts: The Unrivaled Social Media Guide!

Social media is a demanding platform that requires a lot of time and attention to maintain. With followers who have varied schedules and may live all over the world, the best tactic is to post regularly 24/7 and post more at your peak times for the highest engagement. However, you have a busy schedule with work, travel, and even sleep. You can’t wake up at night or post during rush hour traffic, and that’s where scheduling comes in. Post scheduling assistants are excellent tools that allow you to take advantage of your peak times and 24/7 posting without disrupting your own schedule.

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Keep Up with Trends

Prone to forgetting about #ThrowbackThursday or #MarketingMonday? Scheduling your post ahead of time completely eliminates these slip ups. With tools like Postsked, you can set up posts to take advantage of these trending tags weeks in advance. Set up a whole month of weekly throwbacks whenever you have the time to create your best posts, and then sit back and let the scheduling assistant do it for you! You can schedule your posts for your peak times on those days to take advantage of your highest numbers, or go for peak Instagram times to tap into the popularity of the tags. This means you’ll never miss out on a hashtag again!

You can also make posts quickly and easily to catch on to trending topics and get your own post in high traffic tags. With features like file managers and the ability to pre-write and stash captions to use at a later date, it’s as simple as pulling from your existing resources to make a great post, and then schedule that post for your peak time to hop on the tags bandwagon.

Balance Your Content

Scheduling posts helps you keep track of what you’ve posted and when so that you can put out a good balance of content for your followers. Mix up the promotional posts with creative posts, and post on a variety of on-brand subjects. The golden rule of posting is 90% creative, 10% promotional, and the most successful posts are usually humorous or touching to show off your human side. With a good balance of content ready to go, you’ll set yourself up for success.

With Postsked, you can view all of your scheduled posts in a calendar view or by looking at your queue to see everything you have set up to post. This makes it easy to manage what you’ve queued up already, when you’ve queued it for, and helps you decide what gaps you need to fill. This also helps eliminate those embarrassing double posts because it’s easy to see exactly what content you’ve already posted or set up to post.

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Be Consistent

Posting at the same time or times every day can help with your engagement, as followers know when to get on to find and engage with content from you. You also want to be consistent in your message and style so that your content is instantly recognizable and stands out from the crowd. Both of these things are made easier with a scheduling assistant, which can let you set up and view posts to make sure everything looks good across the board.

You could make an 8am “good morning” post every morning and never be late, and review all of them together to make sure your style and tone match each time. This can help with your engagement and your branding, making you more successful. When people know what to expect from you and can recognize you right away, they are more likely to identify with and support your brand. Being consistent helps you build up a loyal following, and meeting their expectations improves your relationship with them.

Maintain Worldwide Engagement

A scheduling assistant allows you to set up your posts for any time of day or day of the week, which allows you to take advantage of peak times in different time zones without getting up in the middle of the night. You can develop your international audiences by providing engaging content when other marketers are sleeping, giving you a distinct advantage as tags and feeds slow down, highlighting your activity. This also gives your local followers something to wake up to the next morning, placing you on their feed right away when they check as they get up. Remember, 46% of people check their phones before they even get out of bed in the morning – make sure you’re the first thing they see.

By combining this with knowledge of trends and popular subjects in your chosen international areas, you can engage on a higher level with those audiences totally hands free. You can also appeal to late night social media visitors, for example if you have a high population of your follower base that stays up late or works the night shift, while you work the day shift. This can also work in reverse; if you’re available mostly in the afternoon or evening, you can schedule posts to appeal to those who typically check social media in the morning. Just remember to check the comments when you get up and engage with your overnight visitors.

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Don’t Overwhelm Followers

If you have a certain number of posts you’re required to make per day, you’ve definitely had days where you forgot to do most or all of them until the last minute, forcing you to flood your followers with post after post all crammed together. With a scheduling assistant, this never needs to happen again. Set up all your posts easily at the beginning of the day or even the day before and schedule them to release throughout the day. All you have to do is have your notifications on and watch the comments roll in so that you can respond and engage with your audience.

Spend More Time Creating Quality

Your last minute posts definitely aren’t your best work, and if you’re working on a timeline, you’re more likely to rush your posts rather than taking your time to create the best content. Instead of making these kinds of sloppy, hurried posts as you rush to meet your deadline, get ahead of the game and make them the day before, when you have plenty of time. Perfect your posts, queue them up for the next day, and even view them in the queue to double check for typos or any edits you may want to make. This gives you plenty of time to review them and make your best content, rather than just throwing out whatever you have when it’s time to post.

Not only does this give you time to create better pictures, but it also gives you time to optimize your tags and caption keywords. Most businesses find that two to five tags brings the most engagement, with a mix of general and branded tags. When you’re in a rush, you’re more likely to just throw something together without doing the proper research. With a scheduling assistant, when you’re making your posts ahead of time, you can look at which tags are going to be best for your post and apply them creatively, as well as work on the effectiveness and tone of your copy.

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Schedule Events

Got a new product launch coming up? Maybe a new location opening or a holiday sale? Don’t worry about watching your clock to post the instant it goes live; instead, make your post and schedule it days or weeks in advance so that you’re good to go when your event drops. If your event time changes, just go in right away and change your post time so you don’t forget, saving yourself a ton of hassle. This is especially important if your post contains sensitive material like previews of an exclusive product or links to a sale page.

Scheduling your posts will ensure that you get your content out exactly on time. This can be especially important if you’re holding an event like a midnight launch. If you work a day job, you want to be asleep at midnight if you can, so schedule your post ahead of time to make your life much easier. You also don’t have to worry about forgetting or being inconsistent with other copy like emails or other social media, because you can just schedule it all for the same time.

Save Wasted Time

The biggest danger of posting to Instagram is, of course, going on Instagram. You may intend to make a quick post and reply to a couple of comments and be done, but half an hour later, you’re fifteen rows deep in a competitor’s profile and you’ve completely forgotten about all the other work you have to do. The average person spends almost an hour a day on Instagram, and accidentally doing that during work hours isn’t a great form. With a scheduling assistant, you don’t even need to go on the website to make your posts, and you completely avoid the temptation. Do everything from your Postsked dashboard and never have to worry about getting sucked into the trap of checking just one tag to see if you’re trending.

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Share the Workload

A scheduling assistant also allows you to share management of your account with a team. Maybe a supervisor needs to approve your posts before they go live, or you have another team member who helps make content. If someone is out for the day, it’s easy for another team member to take over. Your graphic designer can even upload images straight to Postsked for you to view and use without any clumsy emailing and saving of images. This makes collaborating easier for everyone and makes the work go more smoothly.

This also really helps if you’re training a new person or handing off an account to someone. Set up a few days or a week of posts in advance to help them make the transition and learn how to handle the account. This takes the stress off of both of you, as you’re not pressured to put out posts in real time that might not be ready or up to par.

Cover for Plans and Emergencies

The hardest part about taking a vacation or sick day is wondering who is going to cover for you while you’re gone, but with a scheduling assistant, you no longer have to worry about this. Schedule posts for a whole week so that your account runs by itself and you can relax on the beach, or set up your posts the day before if you’re feeling under the weather. It’s a good idea to use a scheduling assistant to set up at least two days out so that you’re covering for any sick days and so you have coverage on the weekends.

Not only does this give you peace of mind while you’re away, but it also keeps your account from going dark if you don’t have anyone to cover for you or the office is closed, like on weekends. Much better to be prepared with a scheduling tool than to have to put out an apology post for lack of content and lose days’ worth of engagement while you’re gone. Even just scheduling one to two posts a day can make a big difference in follower retention because they know you’re still around.

Create Long-Term Posting Plans

Longer term campaigns are now easier to manage than ever, as viewing your queue makes them easy to see all in one place. Tell a story over time, reveal a new product, or count down to an event easily without missing a post or getting confused. You can schedule all of the posts at once so you can review them easily instead of having to scroll back through your posts to find what you’ve already posted and potentially make a mistake.

Long term campaigns help with follower retention and engagement because it keeps followers coming back for updates and more information. Having this scheduled and ready ahead of time makes sure the project is cohesive and helps if it gets handed off to another individual partway through. They also build your brand and consistency, giving your account a set theme that followers can tune into and expect from you. This goes back to consistency and giving your followers what they expect to see.

How to Schedule Posts with Postsked

Best Time To Post On Instagram

Postsked is a great tool to help schedule your posts. They have an intuitive and easy to use system that will help you manage multiple Instagram accounts at once and post to them on a regular basis. The Postsked scheduling tool is completely free for you to use the Instagram features, forever. No hidden fees, and no surprise charges. There’s no download necessary – Postsked can be used straight from the web on any browser. Getting started is very simple and only takes a few minutes, and you’ll save yourself a ton of time when it comes to managing your accounts going forward.

Set Up and Link Your Accounts

To start off, make an account with Postsked using your email and a password. This takes only a second to do, and once you log in you’ll be presented with a clean, easily read dashboard. Under Account Manager, log into your Instagram account or accounts to get started using the tool. This will link your accounts and give you the ability to post and schedule posts from Postsked itself without ever needing to go to Instagram. You can also click on the account to visit it on Instagram and view what you’ve done so far.

Upload Your Media

Uploading your media is super simple with the file manager. Simply hit the upload button and select as many files as you want to upload. This is a great tool if you have multiple photos for one post or even if you have photos you’re not sure you want to use right away. Just upload them and keep them in your files, and they’ll be accessible at any time for you to add to a post and use. Anyone with access to the account can upload, so photographers and artists can upload completed projects right away for you to use. The file manager can hold up to 250 photos at the right resolutions, so you’ll have plenty of room to store them.

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Create Your Captions

In the same way that you can store photos for your account, you can also create and store captions. Want to write a story over several posts or have posts reference each other? Need to write captions out in advance? The captions section will help you organize them all in one place and then pull them directly to your posts when you need them. You can have a manager approve captions before they ever even get put on a post, or you can mix and match captions with photos in the post designer. Having these presets will help you edit and improve your captions and keep you from sitting at the post creation screen for ages.

Create Groups

Ever wanted to organize your social media accounts or even make a post to more than one account at the same time? With the Groups Manager, you can do just that. If you’re managing multiple Instagram accounts and need things cross-posted frequently, just create a group in the Group Manager by selecting Add New and then clicking and dragging all the accounts you want in that group. When you’re making a post, the Groups icon is at the top of your list of accounts, and you can click and select a group to post to all of those accounts at once. This is much quicker than posting to each account individually, and allows you to have simultaneous posts for product launches or events.

Schedule Your Posts

Now comes the most important part – scheduling your posts. To schedule or make a post, go to Instagram and then to Posts. From there, select the account, accounts, or Group you want to post to. Making your post is easy with the File Manager and Captions set up – simply select from your uploaded images and composed captions to make a post, or upload another image and write a new caption. You can make a photo post, a story, or a carousel from this template, making all types of posts easy.

You can use the advanced options to add a location to your post, or automatically add a first comment. Once you’ve made your post, you can post it right away or schedule it for any time in the future. Just select your date and time on the calendar and hit Schedule Post, and you’re good to go. Do this as many times as you want to set up a full queue to fill your account with quality posts as far in advance as you need.

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View Your Queue

Once you have one or more posts in your queue, you can go to your Schedules to view your queued, published, and unpublished posts. This lets you look at your overall queue and make sure everything looks good and is set up the way it’s supposed to be. Posts can be edited right from the queue if you notice any issues or need to make changes. You can also view your already published posts to make sure everything went through correctly and take a look back at your profile. The calendar on the main screen will show you when you have posts scheduled for so that you can easily view which days may need more posts or which may need less.

Monitor your Analytics

From your Instagram report on your Dashboard or the Analytics section under Instagram, you can view your past activity. Your Dashboard will show all your successfully made posts, and your Analytics page will give you valuable data on engagement patterns as you post. You can use this information to help you capitalize on your busiest times by making more posts or making your most important posts then. Using this information, you can optimize your schedule and improve your Instagram profile.

Sit Back and Relax

All the hard work is done – now Postsked takes care of everything for you and makes your posts on time, exactly when you want them. Of course, you’ll need to monitor your posts for comments so that you’re engaging with your followers, but the scheduling assistant takes out the bulk of the work and just lets you enjoy the engagement and smooth experience.

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