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Ultimate Guide To Instagram Engagement And Growing Your Account

A stable Instagram engagement rate is crucial for growing your account. It is not surprising that this is at the top of Instagrammers’ priority list.

However, Instagram engagement is exposed to changes along with algorithm modifications, and it can be challenging to maintain.

Don’t despair.

There are some effective and easy-to-implement strategies you can use to get more engagement, gain new followers, and grow your business on Instagram.

In this article, we will show you how to work on your Instagram engagement rate and take your marketing efforts to the next level.

What is an Instagram Engagement Rate?

The Instagram engagement rate is the number of likes and comments that you get per post, divided by the number of followers.

In other words, an engagement rate is a metric that monitors how often your followers interact with your posts. It forces you to consider important data and not worry about vanity metrics, for example, the number of followers you have.

Factors that Impact the Engagement on Instagram

There are a few factors that indirectly impact the Instagram engagement rate:

  • Popular Hashtags: Using popular hashtags in your posts can positively impact Instagram engagement and you could reach a higher number of followers. Comparing which hashtags are popular and creating a list with them, will help you decide which ones are perfect for your posts.
  • Timing: Timing is everything! According to one study, the common business schedule from 9-5 is the worst time to post on Instagram. For many users, checking out their favorite brands on social media is a matter of leisure, so this means that people will probably visit your feed out of office hours.
  • Image Sizes: Yes, the image sizes also impact the engagement ware. Posting a stock photo or a pixelated image is worse than using your own photo with the right dimensions or branding. Here is a 5-step plan for perfect Instagram pictures.

What Are the Most Engaging Profiles on Instagram?

Improving customer engagement rate can be tricky; however, some industries just get it right.

The beauty, fashion, and e-commerce industries are booming on Instagram.

We wanted to see what makes these three industries so engaging, so we took a better look at the most popular performing brands.

Brands Profiles

(Source: Socialbakers data)

Victoria Secret is on the top of the list of top ten most engagement fashion brands on Instagram and for a good reason.

The brand uses a few tactics to maximize Instagram engagement, including:

  • Consistent visual style: If you take a look at Victoria’s Secret profile on Instagram, you will notice that it looks quite coherent. Apparently, they have their own unique visual style centered around bright and clear images promoting the products. As a result, their posts always stand out in the news feed.
  • Internal influencers: Victoria’s Secret models are some of the most powerful influencers in the fashion industry. By posting their models and tagging them in the posts, the brand is appealing not only to their own fan base but also the models’ fan base, which automatically increases the engagement rate.
  • Branded hashtags: The brand is adding well-known branded hashtags, for example, #VSSemiAnnualSale, VSBeauty, VSSwim, and etc.

Increase Your Engagement and Grow Your Business on Instagram in 6 Easy Steps

To help you grow your business online on Instagram, we’ve rounded up six strategies that work to actually improve Instagram engagement.

1. Engage with Similar Accounts

Take some time to engage with other accounts that are posting similar content to yours.

The Instagram rule is that engagement encourages engagement. By following and interacting with other brands on the platform, you are increasing the chance of being noticed. The more you interact, the more visible your Instagram account becomes.

The quality of interacting is important. You should invest your time choosing accounts to engage with.

2. Interact With Your Followers

If you want to improve engagement, you must give your followers what they need.

When trying to make it big online on Instagram, there is no one-directional approach. Your customers might want some likes and comments from you as well.

Make sure your followers know you are caring about their comments or questions by interacting with them. The least you can do is like their comments.

When you show followers that you are interested in what they have to say, they will be interested in your content.

3. Cooperate with Influencers

People today don’t care about Hollywood celebrities. It is the influencers’ era.

Instagram users today turn to influencers for tips into how they should live their lives and tips on which products they should use.

Influencers are one of the most effective and powerful resources on Instagram. According to Social Media Today, influencer marketing provides 11 times ROI of other forms of marketing.

For example, FIJI Water, partnered with @weworethat to expand the brand using the #bodyworewhat hashtag. The campaign was more than successful, attracting hundreds of thousands of likes.

4. Use Trending Hashtags

There is no arguing that Twitter dominates when it comes to hashtag trends. However, there are certain words and phrases that can surge in popularity on the Instagram platform.

On the Explore page, you can find plenty of hashtag ideas.

Our advice is not to jump on the latest trends as it may cause damage to your business and brand. If you miss the point of a trend and use the hashtag just to get more followers, trend hijacking might go wrong.

Be careful when using trending hashtags.

5. Get Attention Outside of Instagram

It is important to drive attention from other social media platforms to your Instagram page.

People following you on Twitter and Facebook know you are active on Instagram. You can use the popularity of Facebook and Twitter to link back to your Instagram posts.

The more attention you bring, the greater your brand reach gets on Instagram. By building your presence on other channels, you may increase your credibility and earn a chance to get your profile verified.

6. Post Visual Content Consistently

Instagram is all about visual content.

It is no surprise considering the fact that we humans are visually-oriented and 90% of the information transmitted to our mind is visual. It has been confirmed that images grab attention and lead to emotions. People can spend hours scrolling Instagram feeds.

Posting regularly on Instagram can bring you the engagement rate you need.

You don’t have to overpost as in this case, your followers may think you are spamming them and the end effect will be negative. The key is to keep a balance.

You should post 1-2 times a day.

Finally, to get started scheduling your Instagram posts for free, click here!

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